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Fly Delta App Promotions

Promoting SkyMiles partners where it matters most


Many Delta customers are active users of many of Delta Air Lines' partners, but are unaware of the programs that connect them, thereby failing to earn rewards and the enjoyment brought by them. ​I sought out to drive awareness and discoverability of these perks through an efficient and cost-effective change to Delta's Fly Delta application.

In this design sprint, I served as a UI and UX designer.




Rapid Insight

Based on studies conducted by BCG and the Bureau of Transport Statistics, we know a few key things about the travel tendencies of millennial and emerging travelers.

They are:

  • More likely to book further in advance for cheaper tickets

  • Not traveled enough to discriminate between carriers

  • Are more likely to book through online travel agencies to compare prices

  • More likely to to fly low-cost carriers

  • Less enticed by miles earned with flights as it requires more travel spending

Rapid User Interviews

  • Four participants (2 corporate travelers, 2 leisure travelers)

  • All knew about the American Express co-branded credit card

  • All preferred Delta SkyMiles (particularly the lack of expiration)

  • Most deferred to loyalty mileage to influence chosen carrier

  • All have used Lyft and Airbnb

  • None were familiar with Delta's partnership with Lyft or Airbnb

What it Offers

Competitive Analysis


  • Many competitors' loyalty programs either rely of large single purchases to earn mileage or low return active participation

  • Delta has unique partnerships with businesses that offer continuous passive accrual

  • ~73% of Delta travelers ages 24-41 use the Fly Delta app

  • 2% of active SkyMiles users have linked Lyft to their account

  • 1.3% of active SkyMiles users have linked with SPG Crossover

  • 0.4% of active SkyMiles users have linked Airbnb to their account

  • 28% of SkyMiles users have the American Express SkyMiles credit card

  • Lyft and Airbnb have a practical role in the aviation experience for leisure and corporate travelers alike



By streamlining the discovery of Delta partners via the Fly Delta app, budget-minded eHVCs will be more likely to enroll in rewards programs, link to partner accounts, and fly Delta.





Site Map and User Flow

Work Flow.png
Work Flow Copy.png



Interactive Prototype

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